Saturday, November 22, 2008

Facing My Fears

I've been dealing with a fear of mine for some time now. I won't elaborate about it here but, for those who know me, I may have discussed it with you. I can say...I've been searching and trying to find ways to overcome this fear because, if I don't, it will cause me to not finish an important goal that will have a significant, positive impact on my life.

I'm a member of the online website, Beliefnet. I receive emails from them on a daily basis. Yesterday, I received an email suggesting ways to face your fears. Hmmm...Lord is this your way of helping me get past this obstacle? I've been praying about this, off and on, for awhile now. Here are the 9 ways to face your fears that were suggested...with some of my interpretation added:

1. Yell At Them - tell them to go away...they have no place in your life

2. Laugh At Them - this is a good technique...letting them know they are not negatively affecting you

3. Talk About Them - this helps with getting them off your mind and opens a conversation up for suggestions on ways to defeat your fears

4. Scare Them Away - Most of the time, Satan, throws a monkey wrench in, using fears, to divert you from a postive goal or task. Scare him and them away...rebuke him/them

5. Dress Them Up - this can be done by simply dressing those fears up by replacing them with positive things...positive accomplishments

6. Harness Them - if they are under your control, you don't have to worry about them

7. Interrogate Them - ask them the hard questions, including where, what, why, when, and how? Examine your fears!

8. Bully Them - boss them tell them what to do and where to go. You're bigger than they are!

9. Free Them - let them go...tell them to have fun, but not to come back!!!

I'm so glad this showed up in my email. I plan to use these 9 ways of facing your fears to help me overcome the fear that I'm currently experiencing.